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The Duvet Has Become a Symbol of High-quality Sleep

Down is the world's warmest filling material, made of animal protein, which is natural and light. Therefore, duvets have become the preferred bedding for human beings around the world. The penetration rate of duvets in Europe and the United States is 60%, the usage rate of foreign luxury five-star hotels is more than 80%, and the penetration rate in Japan is more than 100% (1.3 duvets per capita). logo.

Many inferior duvets on the market are shoddy filled with crushed down. Not only do they not have good heat retention and air permeability, but also due to the lack of high-temperature disinfection procedures, odors and germs are easily generated, and there is a potential risk of disease. You dare to cover such a quilt every day. fall asleep?

Use Percentages:

Europe and America
Five Star Hotel
  • Bulkiness and Quilt 32°c
  • Dust and Health
  • Running Cashmere and Flying Silk, Feather Silk
  • Fabric and Breathability
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Secret One

Bulkiness and Quilt 32°c

Bulkiness is an important indicator for measuring the warmth of down in the world, which refers to the value of cubic inches of volume occupied by each ounce (30 grams) of down under certain conditions. The higher the bulkiness of the down, the better the thermal insulation of the down. When selecting, the larger the volume of the duvet with the same weight, the higher the bulkiness and the better the quality! Now the common duvet on the market has a bulkiness of 500-600, and the "golden duvet" we choose has a bulkiness of 800.

Comparison chart of the bulkiness of down with the same weight

High-quality sleep can eliminate the fatigue of the whole day and make people energized. So, what temperature is the most comfortable sleep temperature? Come with me to understand the secret of 32℃!

Generally speaking, the local warmth of the human body is about 32 degrees, the relative humidity is 50%, and the air velocity is 25cm/s. The most standard sleep microenvironment is also comfortable, which can effectively prolong the deep sleep time.

Secretary General of China Sleep Research Association

Mr. Wang Guangliang

To ensure high-quality sleep, in addition to paying attention to the impact of the macro environment, we must also pay attention to the microenvironment in the space formed by the human body and bedding such as quilts, mattresses, and pillow cores during sleep, which can also be commonly understood as the bed temperature. Excessive bed temperature can cause the body to sweat too much, causing the body to lose water and breed mites! If it is too low, it will cause the body's self-protection, which will interfere with normal sleep and reduce sleep quality! In order to improve the quality of sleep, a test experiment was carried out: 40X40CM quilts were sewn with fabrics, filled with 3 quilts of 9.6g, 24g, and 42.4g respectively (the down is 800 bulky), and tested by the international authoritative inspection institute. Take the picture below:

In Conclusion:

1. With the increase of the amount of cashmere filling, the Crow value and the thermal resistance value increase, that is, the better the warmth retention.

2. After reaching a certain value, the gram number of fleece increases, but the Cro value and thermal resistance value do not change much. After repeated tests, it is concluded that the best down quilt filling amount comparison table:

Cashmere Comparison Table
Filling quantity standardApplicable Room TemperatureQuilt Temperature

According to the experimental results obtained, we produce duvets suitable for the needs of people in different regions according to the standard, so that end customers can enjoy high-quality comfortable sleep with a bulkiness of 800 and 32 °C.

For more than ten years, we have been focusing on making down feathers and bringing the best sleep to everyone.

Sleep Exploration -

Secret Two

Dust and Health

One-third of life is spent on sleep. High-quality sleep is very important to everyone. Comfortable sleep can make people stay away from fatigue and be full of energy every day. With the improvement of the quality of life, light and comfortable duvets have entered thousands of households, and the penetration rate is getting higher and higher.

However, there are more and more inferior duvets on the market, and some unscrupulous businesses break up the feathers to pretend to be down, and when the feathers are crushed, a large amount of dust is generated, and these dusts are also used as fillers for inferior duvets.

The picture shows the dust of inferior duvets

Dust is extremely harmful and can enter the respiratory tract with human breathing. Part of the dust entering the respiratory tract enters the alveoli, and also deposits in the respiratory tract from the nasal cavity to the alveoli, which can easily cause cough, asthma, respiratory tract infections and other diseases. The quilt is an item for personal use. If you cover the duvet with dust for a long time, it will cause great harm to personal health. So how to tell whether the duvet has dust?

When we buy a duvet, we can pat the quilt in the sun and pay attention to whether there is dust flying out, especially the stitching. In order to solve the problem of dust, the company has developed and innovated and cooperated with partners to make technological breakthroughs. There are 30 washing down processes. It takes 800 tons of water to wash one ton of down. The unique green and environmentally friendly washing and disinfection technology, after 12 minutes of high temperature sterilization at 130 ° C, the down produced is clean. The height reaches 1000mm (the national standard is 450mm), so the cleanliness of the down is almost zero dust.

In order to let everyone see the dust phenomenon of down more intuitively, an intuitive comparison is carried out through the instrument: the down under the same down content standard, the down dust on the right side is obviously larger.

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Secret Three

Running Cashmere and Flying Silk, Feather Silk

Feather silk, also known as monofilament, is the silk that falls off feathers during processing such as cleaning, and flying silk, also known as velvet silk, is the silk that falls off the velvet. Because it is still a natural material, it can be reserved as a filling for down products. Generally speaking, the natural shedding of the velvet is limited, and the natural shedding of the velvet during processing such as cleaning will not affect the quality of the product.

What Does the Down Quilt Pierce?

  • 1- Velvet

  • 2- Feather Silk

  • 3- Pointed Feather Feather

  • 4-Final mature hair

  • 5- Head and Neck Hair

Running down, this is the most common problem of duvets, and some running down is more serious, and it seems like it comes out of the chicken coop every day. The fleece running is mainly related to two factors. The first one is the reason of the fabric. Due to the insufficient density of the fabric, the anti-velvet effect is poor and the fleece is easy to run.

But the most important reason is the quality of down. Low-quality down is mixed with a lot of feather silk and flying silk. Even the dense and anti-down fabrics will run down.

Feather silk, also known as monofilament, is the silk that falls off feathers during processing such as cleaning, and flying silk, also known as velvet silk, is the silk that falls off the velvet. Because it is still a natural material, it can be reserved as a filling for down products. Generally speaking, the natural shedding of the velvet is limited, and the natural shedding of the velvet during processing such as cleaning will not affect the quality of the product.

However, in order to reduce costs, some unscrupulous merchants directly smash the feathers into filaments by artificial processing. Usually, a feather filament is about 2 to 3 cm in length. It doesn't feel hard stems, but these small feathers are actually harder than down, like small needles.

Even if the fabric is 100% velvet-proof, these small feathers or flying silk will run out of the gap of the needle eye. These tiny flying silks and feather silks fly in the air, and it is difficult for consumers to notice them and inhale them into the body, which has a great impact on health.

In this regard, we always adhere to the golden 6-hour principle in the process of raw material collection:

1. After the hair removal process, the feathers and feathers are delivered to the processing shop in 6 hours, and then the raw hair is processed and dried.

2. After drying, spread evenly on the ground to dry and dissipate heat for more than 12 hours.

The purpose of the above two points is to prevent the wet raw wool from stacking for a long time to generate heat and breed bacteria, resulting in embrittlement of the flock and easy separation from the flock core, resulting in an increase in flying silk. Therefore, our processed down has only a very small amount of down and feather silk, and the down content is as high as 95%. Very high down content, can control feather silk + flying silk below 3%, and then match the fabrics developed in cooperation with the fabric factory, using high-count and high-density fabrics, and then processing and ironing through a large calendering machine, plugging the weaving eyes, preventing Drill down effect is particularly good. The fabric has a certain breathability and soft feel at the same time.

The picture shows the fabric drill down performance tester

We made 2 samples of 60*60 (cm) according to the square size of the commonly used duvets, put them in the test instrument, and simulated the anti-drilling performance of the fabric under the action of external force through the instrument. The instrument rotates 1000 revolutions in both forward and reverse directions, and is equipped with 10 solid balls inside, which can complete different motion trajectories in multiple directions, simulate the wear test of the sample to the greatest extent, and scientifically and intuitively reflect the anti-drilling performance of the fabric. The test is completed. Afterwards, no down silk or feather silk was found on the surface of the duvet fabric and inside the instrument.

According to the requirements of the industry standard QB/T 1193-2012, the anti-drilling down/root is less than or equal to 20. After the experiment, no down or feather silk was found to be drilled, which is far higher than the industry standard.

Sleep Exploration -

Secret Four

Fabric and Breathability

A high-quality down quilt, the fabric must be treated with anti-drill down treatment. The air permeability of the treated fabric is very important. If the air permeability is too large, down will easily appear. It comes out from the quilt like coming out of the chicken coop; if the air permeability is too small, The lack of air circulation will cause the bed to be extremely stuffy, which will greatly reduce the quality of sleep.

At present, there are two common anti-drill down treatments for duvet fabrics: coating and calendering.

The coated fabric is made of silk, cotton, cotton polyester and other fabrics with high warp and weft yarns. After rolling and pressing, the gap between the warp and weft yarns is reduced, and then coated with polymer slurry to form a transparent film interlinked with the fabric. Overlay to close the weft and warp gaps of the fabric. The coated fabric has a very good anti-drilling effect, but the transparent film covered leads to extremely poor air permeability. After the quilt is covered for a long time, it will feel stuffy, and the coated fabric will make a rustling sound of tape when using it. sleep has a certain impact.

Calendered fabric is a uniform textile with high density in both horizontal and vertical directions. It is then processed by a large calender (that is, rolled with a metal roller in high temperature steam) and ironed, and the weaving eyes are blocked to prevent drilling down. very good. At the same time, the fabric also has minimal breathability, good hand and softness. Therefore, currently the duvet with calendered fabric is the most comfortable and the favorite of consumers. The fabric factories we cooperate with have developed special fabrics for duvets.

Due to the high cotton composition of the fabric, the high count and high density of the fabric, good elasticity, good air permeability, softer, more comfortable and more glossy, it has been favored by consumers. The air permeability of the fabric and the anti-drilling effect are the two most important indicators of the duvet. We deliberately compared the fabric. Under the same conditions, the air permeability of the special anti-down fabric before and after use meets the standard requirements.

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