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Professional Down Home Textile Products Custom Manufacturer

For 18 years, we have been focusing on special support services such as customization, creation and design of down home textile products, updating production progress with customers in a timely manner, and ensuring the quality and delivery of orders.
  • 1 day to collect customer needs
  • 2-day product recommendation and analysis
  • 3-7 days for customized samples and complete marketing solutions
  • 30-40 days for mass production and packaging
  • Control of product quality in the process
  • Transportation Solutions
  • Forever continuous improvement and after-sales service

1 day to collect customer needs

At Gaga, we cooperate with customers and act as consultants. First of all, we will understand important information about your product application needs, promotion markets, process requirements, etc. through communication and consultation.

2-day product recommendation and analysis

By understanding, we will give you the professional correct product type, fabric and down filling requirements, product process size and a perfect purchase and delivery solution.

Choose a suitable supplier so you can spend time building your brand and sales development instead of wasting time fighting with suppliers.

3-7 days for customized samples and complete marketing solutions

We can customize samples completely according to customer's requirements;

We can also give advice in terms of process, raw materials and performance, and support customers to design custom samples together.

Track customer sample feedback and adjust and improve in time to meet customer needs.

After the sample is confirmed, the product marketing plan will be established in time

  • Detailed product information confirmation and price confirmation
  • Confirm delivery date and shipping conditions
  • Confirm payment method
  • Sign a sales contract

30-40 days for mass production and packaging

We have a complete supply chain system, the factory covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters, the total number of employees is 150, the production equipment is advanced, and the monthly production capacity is 200,000 pieces. We will make professional assembly line according to the order requirements.

Control of product quality in the process

All raw materials are inspected before production to meet our standards. We have professional testing of fabrics such as air permeability, down resistance, color fastness to rubbing, shrinkage rate and light box standard light source color matching. Down has down content, cleanliness, bulkiness, odor, blackheads, duck and goose down ingredient types identification, Professional testing such as residual fat rate and oxygen consumption index, our QA team strictly controls every step to ensure the high quality of the product. Finally we checked the finished product quality and appearance packaging of all products.

All the raw materials of the Gaga factory have passed the authoritative testing agency (the testing agency icon). We control the product quality from the source to ensure the health, environmental protection, safe and effective use of the raw materials, and comply with all relevant national and international standards.
The company has adopted the ISO9001 quality management model and passed the BSCI social responsibility management standard. We will pre-verify the factory before confirming the order, and we will inspect semi-finished and finished products and quality control tests at different stages during the production process. (certification icon)
A comprehensive quality management system is our important task, and we ensure that our production follows world-class standards. Our goal is to provide quality products and services and become a respected company. (authoritative testing agency icon)

Transportation Solutions

According to your requirements, we will provide customs declaration documents, arrange air express or sea logistics, and prepare to start shipping to your designated city port. We have professional experience and advice to reduce logistics costs as much as possible for you.

Forever continuous improvement and after-sales service

Your down home textile experts will always be with you. Gaga's efficient team and operating system are tailored to solve your problems. Our team must track the order products sold until your sales feedback, respond efficiently to problems within 24 hours, and solve them collaboratively.

Tell Us What You Think, We Have a Professional Team for You.

Customized service

Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer of down home textile products?

We can quickly provide customers with market analysis, technical support and customized services.
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1). Gaga is a professional manufacturer of down home textiles. We help brand owners and wholesalers increase their brands and profits from their business - fast!2). From design to quality, everyone needs comfortable deep sleep of home textile products, customers first, grow together with customers is our mission.
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