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Traders, large supermarkets and wholesalers of down home textile product customization services

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OEM Customized Service

Traders, large supermarkets and wholesalers of down home textile product customization services
  • marketing
  • sample
  • Production tracking and traceability
  • Order quality control
  • Transportation service
  • Continuous improvement and after-sales service
  • financial
  • Inspection support


We can quickly provide customers with market analysis, technical support, provide customized services. We can completely customize according to your product design requirements, or we can give you professional reference from design suggestions to technical suggestions and raw material suggestions. Once you are willing to customize your product, you can provide your inquiry to us for reference quotation, we will give you a relatively reasonable price within 24 hours.


We can completely according to customer requirements customized samples

We can also provide advice on process, raw materials and performance, and support customers to design customized samples together.

2-7 days to complete the sample supply, follow up customer sample feedback and timely adjust and improve to meet customer needs.

Production tracking and traceability

We have a complete supply chain system, the factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters, the total number of employees 150 people, advanced production equipment, the monthly capacity of 200,000 pieces. We will be professional production line according to the order requirements, order quality and quantity on time delivery. Provide you with detailed real-time data during order production, such as estimated actual delivery dates, to help you make better and faster decisions on your supply chain; For example, you can also obtain container entry and exit dates to automate management and avoid unnecessary dwell times, high holdup charges, and so on.

Order quality control

All raw materials are tested before production to meet our standards. Our QA team strictly controls every step to ensure high quality products. Finally, we checked the finished product quality and appearance packaging of all products.

Transportation service

You can ship your goods by your forwarder or by ours. With over a decade of experience in the manufacture and export of home textile products, we work with many reliable forwarders who will work with you to safely receive your goods under insurance conditions

We have professional experience to advise you to reduce the logistics cost as much as possible.
We will provide all the documents for your shipment clearance, or you can choose the LDP service and we will clear the customs for you and send it directly to your designated warehouse.

Continuous improvement and after-sales service

Your down home textile products experts will always be with you. Gaga's efficient team and operating system are tailored to solve your problems. Our team must keep track of the sales orders until your sales feedback, and respond to the problems within 24 hours to solve them cooperatively.


Our financial services can fully cover the needs of different stages of export trade, provide buyers with comprehensive and secure financial security, and reduce trade risks and costs.

Inspection support

We have passed BSCI certification, and for different customer groups can accept different nature of factory inspection requirements.

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Customized service

Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer of down home textile products?

We can quickly provide customers with market analysis, technical support and customized services.
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1). Gaga is a professional manufacturer of down home textiles. We help brand owners and wholesalers increase their brands and profits from their business - fast!2). From design to quality, everyone needs comfortable deep sleep of home textile products, customers first, grow together with customers is our mission.
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