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OEM home textile production has been unable to meet customer needs, Gaga constantly improve their competitive advantages, the creation of their own development team, team members including 2 designers and developers, 1 professional technician, a number of sample makers. We continue to learn the fashion trends of various countries, the product trends of various industries, learn more innovative ideas and technologies, to improve the ability of our team.
  • 1, both in terms of the product itself or the label of the package and other important elements, if you have your idea, we can according to your intend to design proofing production, if you haven't, I can recommend for you, you can choose from our advice and give it a try, and then in the process of the update is perfect.
  • 2. We regularly launch new design products to provide you with more new styles;
  • 3. Our regular customers have achieved success through our design and recommendation products;
  • 4. Develop various down and fabric to support product design;
  • 5. We will also share new product trends in the market with our customers, so this will be one of your source ideas for innovation.
  • 6. Product information collection, design, development and proofing will take 7 days.
  • 7. The minimum quantity of products is 100 pieces.
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1). Gaga is a professional manufacturer of down home textiles. We help brand owners and wholesalers increase their brands and profits from their business - fast!2). From design to quality, everyone needs comfortable deep sleep of home textile products, customers first, grow together with customers is our mission.
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