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Customized Services For E-commerce Customers

Fast delivery time

1. You can directly choose the products in our cross-border stores to purchase, and the logistics speed is fast when one piece is available for sale.

2. The production time of routine products is 14 days, and it can be even faster for repeated orders.

3. 30-45 days production time for unconventional products.

Ensure the quality of products

We clearly know that the online C-terminal transaction, strict quality inspection of each product is very important for our customers, we will arrange 100% inspection for you, to ensure that the final customer will give you a good comment when they receive your goods, more good comments will bring you more orders.

Supports multiple packaging methods

In the process of serving our online customers, we have a good understanding of barcode stickers in many countries, so it is easy for you or third party warehouse to store them. Our team members are also good at making packaging suggestions to save volume, which will help you save on shipping costs, delivery fees and storage space.

Diversified delivery methods

We support the bulk shipment, also support the bulk shipment separately. We can provide quick feedback on the effectiveness of your requirements when you need to ship separately or adjust the order quantity.

Product development capability

We will regularly develop new products, we will also share these original design new products with you for your reference, you can make some changes, create new styles. Our design and technical team are focused on European customers and know these markets better and may be able to give you the right style.

Style is confidential

The design and style of all your products will be kept confidential and protected. We will only produce and provide them to you when you need them. If the products designed by us are selected by you, our team will inform you at the beginning of some popular styles that have been selected by many customers.

Traffic advantages

We are located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. Due to the geographical advantage, it only takes 2 hours for your goods from the factory to the port. We are engaged in more than ten years of production and export enterprises, we cooperate with many transportation suppliers and forwarders, can ensure the safe and reliable delivery of your products.

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Customized service

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